Campaign by Nigel Sandor Allan and Nina Hobson to harass and blackmail former Exergonix employees

Exergonix, Inc. was shut down in January 2021 after the COVID outbreak. The company worked towards a fair dissolution and terminated all activities, shutting down its offices at the end of 2020.

It has come to Exergonix attention that Nigel Sandor Allan has initiated misinformation about Exergonix and has led a campaign of harassment and blackmail to former employees, affiliated entities, and advisors of Exergonix. Mr. Allan has been exposed as a leader of a global MLM Ponzi scheme. When Exergonix learned of Mr. Allan’s past activities and his inability to meet company compliance requirements, Exergonix terminated all association with Mr. Allan. Exergonix reached a settlement agreement with Mr. Allan on an unsecured note, however the company was unable to reach a full settlement of all notes it held prior to shutting down. 

Our investigations have found that Mr. Allen is now working with Ms. Nina Hobson of 33 Teddington Rd, Burswood West Australia 6100 based in Perth Australia. Ms. Hobson has been distributing damaging information on the web, attempting to extort former Exergonix personnel, and has been identified as a person of interest in soliciting without a license in the US. Ms. Hobson and Mr. Allan are complicit and have posted fake Podcasts that were made up, using people that have never had any interaction with Exergonix. Exergonix has issued Mr. Allan an immediate cease and desist on all such activities, and informed the appropriate federal, state and local authorities of these actions. Any attempt to defame, slander, libel or discredit former Exergonix personnel is serious conduct, and the company’s counsel has been authorized to hold Mr. Allan and his associate Ms. Hobson liable. Exergonix reserves the right to handover as evidence to the authorities’ representations made via letters, emails, video and audio recordings, phone messages and other media material that were presented to Exergonix personnel in an attempt to extort moneys. The company has directed counsel to pursue legal action to enforce protection of former Exergonix personnel, including pursuing injunctive relief and/or damages as appropriate, and if successful, the right to collect attorneys fee and costs as a result of such legal enforcement provided under the full extent of the law.