Utility-scale Products

Our containerized utility scale distributed energy storage systems are built to house a modular configuration of racks that can make up multi-megawatts of storage. All of our systems use the same building block structure (scalability based on Tower/Rack configurations from 1MWh/4MW increments) partnered with its own inverter, a redundant architecture that minimizes the possibility of a single point of failure in the system and a maximized reliability factor. These large-scale systems use a Multi-Tower Power Source Controller to manage the cells across the entire system. This new, unique design that Exergonix is introducing is a novel technology to be used for future grid storage systems in a vast array of applications. The use of nano-based materials allows the battery to have significant increases in power, energy, and cycle life, along with the ability to systematically build 10+ year calendar life, a requirement in grid-tied utility applications. In using our utility scale products, we are able to provide our customers with stand-alone micro-grid capability with distributed inverter implementation for guaranteed up-time, where multi-Tower Power Control Systems maximize efficiency and life – even in remote locations where electrical infrastructure does not exist. This changes how we see energy in the world today.

Our First Generation energy storage platform used a nano-based NMC lithium polymer cell technology to create a one-megawatt-hour system which was installed under a U.S. Department of Energy program at KCP&L’s Kansas City substation. This validated the battery’s effectiveness for managing energy while tied to the grid to support islanding, frequency regulation, peak shaving/load shifting, demand management, micro-grid operations, power quality assistance and EV/PEV recharging. This system stores solar power produced at the installation site and captures excess power from the substation at off-peak hours. The stored energy is then offloaded during peak demand times, while the overall system acts as a buffer to the grid for emergencies and frequency regulation in the transmission process. Exergonix worked with partners like MRI Global, National Renewable Energy Laboratories, and Burns & McDonnell to validate the functionality of the system as it performed the various aspects of grid level operations over 5 years of its operations to date.

Our core products are designed to meet stringent industry safety standards, including multiple certifications and internal/external cell testing and characterization product validations by third-parties. Our products are also rated for Zone 4 Earthquakes in addition to the following independent certifications from UL (Underwriters Laboratories):

UL1642 UL Standard for Safety for Lithium Batteries
UL1973 UL Standard for Batteries for use in Light Electric Rail Applications and Stationary Applications
UL1741 UL Standard for Inverters, Converters, Controllers and Interconnection System Equipment for Use With Distributed Energy Resources
UL1998 UL Standard for requirements applying to non-networked embedded microprocessor software whose failure is capable of resulting in injurious risks

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