Residential Systems

In response to increasing energy prices, many residential buildings (larger to small) are seeking alternative, dependable and cost-effective energy solutions – including increasingly affordable and reliable renewable energy technologies (like solar PV or Fuel Cells). With a focus on decreasing costs and increasing energy efficiency, standards such as LEED, Energy STAR and NetZero play a role in helping you meet financial goals.

Exergonix Energy Storage Systems (ESS) play a critical role in these solutions. It optimizes investments in distributed and co-generated energy sources, reduces peak-demand usage and charges, helps meet sustainability goals, and provides instant backup power in the event of an outage — at lower cost than most utilities can offer. The residential scale distributed energy storage systems (RS-DESS) are designed to be modular in nature to accommodate a variety of homes, based on application and size of home. The ability to scale up or down depending on the demand for energy storage gives the RS-DESS product line superior flexibility and the ability to parallel the RS-DESS systems allows for customization to achieve multiple megawatt installations.

Battery Monitoring. The RS-DESS contains a sophisticated battery monitoring system capable of communicating in a variety of protocols to utility, industrial and commercial standards such as USB and Ethernet. A wide variety of system parameters are tracked and stored inside the RS-DESS unit itself to ensure the history of every cell; overall performance and accurate forward looking predictions can be developed from the data.

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