Commercial Systems

Exergonix has designed commercial scale distributed energy storage system (CS-DESS) that can be used as Community Energy Storage (CES) in smart grid applications, typically used in industrial, business and retail facilities, operating on the consumer side of a utility substation. These CS-DESS uses lithium-based cells and our patented power control system to tie directly to grid-level applications behind-the-meter. CS-DESS products are available in modular form and can be made to accommodate up to +100kWh.

Our CES solution, the UL Listed CODA Coreā„¢ Tower is also a fully functional energy storage system out of the box, like an appliance with the flexible ability to integrate multiple inverter technologies. It combines advanced lithium-ion battery cells, comprehensive battery and temperature management systems, and an intelligent operating system tailored to your specific application. The Tower is available in 30KWh, 40kWh and 50kWh of energy, and integrates seamlessly with various inverters suited to your power needs. The CES is designed to be modular in nature. The ability to scale up or down depending on the demand for energy storage which gives our CES options superior flexibility: Tower s can be aggregated in one location from 1 to 50 towers, making the system very scalable all the way to utility-level storage capacity. This gives our systems the ability not only for series configurable for enhanced system scaling, but also to parallel the CES systems thereby allowing for customization, similar to our BESS units which can be used to achieve multiple megawatt installations.

CES units comes with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) or Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) cell chemistry, also include options to integrate other chemistries with battery monitoring system (BMS) operating independently of chemistry for added flexibility and integration of new technologies. The CES contains a sophisticated BMS capable of communicating in a variety of protocols to utility, industrial, naval and aircraft standards as well as more commercial standards such as USB and Ethernet and additionally has thermal management control for high-power applications. A wide variety of system parameters are tracked and stored inside the CES unit itself to ensure the history of every cell; overall performance and accurate forward-looking predictions can be developed from the data with 4C Peak operation for high-power applications with flexible control through Industry-standard CAN, MODBUS, or TCP/IP control interface.

As an example, a 30kWh battery operating at 4C with peaks up to 8C is capable of peak delivery exceeding 200kW when coupled with an appropriate power conversion system which can be supplied by Exergonix or by the customer. The CES is available (option) in a fully water-tight container suitable for installation in a subterranean vault. Custom packaging for a variety of applications are available. The modular design of the CES system allows system capacity and voltage to be varied with a minimum of customization effort and risk with the modules designed with full flexibility for integration.

The new and unique design that Exergonix is introducing is a novel technology to be used in future grid storage systems in a vast array of applications. The use of nano-based cells also allows the battery to have significant increase in power and cycle life. Now energy storage systems can be systematically built to obtain the 15-20 year calendar life needed in the real world.

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