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Vincent “Ace” Wagner is a Board Member and Strategic Advisor. As a consummate entrepreneur, Ace has been engaged as an investor and mentor coach to several late-stage start-up businesses. Ace joined the Exergonix Team as an Advisory Board Member and Investor at an early stage and has stayed on as a mentor to Don Nissanka. Ace is also engaged with companies emerging on the Kansas City business scene with tremendous prospects for employment and revenue growth through the deployment of their emerging technologies. Ace plays a role guiding capital formation and supporting these client companies through direct coaching and investing. As a lifelong resident of Kansas City, Ace has a host of influential contacts and professional experience to foster success in these emerging businesses for their benefit and for the community in general. As President & CEO of Wagner Distribution, Ace oversaw the rapid sales growth of both a family business enterprise in the early days to a sizable corporate business. Both the family business and its corporate successor firm experienced rampant growth under Ace’s leadership. In the first phase, the company quadrupled in a 5-year time frame, and in the second phase the business grew from $37 MM in revenue to over $75 MM in just 3 years. These Kansas City companies exported construction material to over 30 foreign countries. Ace also served for 7 years on the Board of Directors of an affiliated, diversified investment group with revenues of well over $200 MM annually. Ace has invested considerable energy reading and attending conferences to become aware of the subtle energy forces that belie all living organisms. His passion for a better understanding of this field has led to broad scientific awareness of the interaction of these subtle forces in agriculture, water, and the human body. Ace led the formation of a not-for-profit enterprise that provided $3.5 MM in US AID scholarships to economically underprivileged students from rural Central America to attend six Midwest community colleges. Over 150 students received their Associates Degrees, learned English and returned home to serve their home countries. Recently, Ace helped found Fair Community Credit to help Kansas City citizens obtain small dollar loans at radically reduced interest rates as an antidote to the high priced pay-day loan operations that have permeated our society. A 3-year Fellowship provided by the WK Kellogg Leadership Program afforded international travel, and an incredible mix of professional fellows from around the country creating a diverse leadership forum to address social problems of the day.

Rick Worner is a Managing Director of Oppenheimer’s Development Finance. He entered the investment field in 1981 after having served as Governmental Affairs Director of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce. Rick, a graduate of the University of Kansas, has participated in the state and local civic affairs throughout his career. He has served on numerous community boards and has been notably active in structuring economic development financings using various tax increments, transportation development and neighborhood improvement district structures. These bonds are secured through sales, excise tax, special benefit taxes.

Charles Schellhorn is the President and CEO of the Aberdeen Financial Group, LLC. He also has current independent investments in approximately 25 companies, sits on more than 12 corporate Boards of Directors and 6 not-for-profit Boards of Directors. He was formerly President, CEO and Chairman of Argus Health Systems, Inc, a privately-held joint venture of DST Systems, Inc. and Financial Holding Corporation. Argus is a technology pioneer providing leading-edge healthcare improvement services to the nation's key healthcare organizations for 30 million lives and processing over 500 million claims in 2006. As former Naval Aviator, he flew carrier-based fighter aircraft and was assigned to operational squadrons ashore and at sea aboard the U.S.S. Kittyhawk. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the Harvard University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics also from Harvard.