The management and investment partners of Exergonix are affiliated companies listed below. As part of building a diversified portfolio of products and services, the company has invested aggressively in developing cutting edge technologies and business accruements to provide our customers with advanced solutions in the green market place.

PowerOn Xpress is a Singapore-based enterprise owned by Global Power Pte. Ltd. dedicated to delivering efficient energy solutions and environmental products to consumers worldwide. In partnership with Exergonix, PowerOn Xpress employs proven direct selling models and strategies to achieve significant market penetration. The partnership within PowerOn Xpress facilitates for the first time the true democratization of energy, creating a new paradigm in energy distribution and facilitating growth though cutting-edge technologies in a multi-level marketing platform.

Coda Energy builds advanced energy storage systems that provide economic & energy resilience for businesses, cities, and society – saving money, generating revenue, increasing resilience, and optimizing energy usage. Coda Energy has decades of experience in battery system design and manufacturing, and uses that expertise to provide you with turn-key solutions. With a proven technology platform that is UL Listed, flexible, safe, and reliable, our products solve challenges in a wide range of environments – from large residential buildings and skyscrapers to renewable microgrids and mission critical facilities that require a resilient energy supply. Coda Energy's products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in California.

Neighborhood Power Corporation (NPC), Exergonix Solar partner, is a turn-key developer of solar micro-utilities throughout Hawaii and California. NPC sells solar power by the kilowatt-hour to residential, commercial, municipal, non-profit and utility markets. NPC is a fun, fast-growing, nimble company with heart that wants everyone to be able to have clean, renewable energy. NPC is capable of providing all of the EPC, financing, servicing as well as O&M, but also flexible in their capacity to structure co-development agreements which meet the needs of partners and draw upon expertise, of over 15 years of experience in designing and building solar PV systems, and knowledge of access to specialized markets. NPC guarantees 20-50% savings for 25 years, rent or own.

Verd2GO® combines the clean energy and storage options in interfacing with your car and home. Verd2GO®'s proprietary innovation in advanced sensing, control and battery power management for electric vehicle battery and energy storage solutions also enable micro-grid enabled storage systems, providing real-time management of localized transmission and distribution networks by system-wide control and coordination of flexible load. It improves overall efficiency and reliability of the electric grid, and enables higher renewables penetration, while lowering costs and global emissions for you and your household. Verd2GO® integrates with your vehicle and car, and enables the future internet of things in clean energy. The Verd2GO® app allows you track your energy consumption and usage in real-time.

Exergonix is a partner in the development of “The Grove at Lee’s Summit” where the company plans to build its headquarters and position its global operations. The Grove is the newest expansion site within the city limits of Lee’s Summit, bringing an array of industrial, commercial and retail options to the Kansas City area. The new Exergonix facility is expected to be operational in 2017, housing manufacturing and offices space for its affiliates.