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Releasing Energy to the World

Exergonix provides the missing link to the advancement of innovative energy solutions. Energy storage and renewable technologies are essential to the evolution of a smarter decentralized grid structure that will help the Earth alleviate its dependency on fossil fuels and save the environment for our children.

Exergonix globeThe patented Exergonix energy storage systems employ new and significantly improved technologies in nano-battery cell design, environmental packaging, and advanced electronic controls that offer advantages over competing energy storage products. The Exergonix design has a higher energy density battery, provides optimum power with quick response capability, has increased cycle life, and incorporates better safety mechanisms and delivers enhanced durability.

What does Exergonix mean?
An exergonic reaction is defined as the spontaneous chemical reaction that results in the liberation of energy. Our company takes its name from this scientific term, and builds its portfolio of products around the concept of managing the high efficient and instantaneous release of energy.

Company News


July 25, 2013

Exergonix CEO Don Nissanka was part of the delegation that welcomed President Barack Obama during the President's speech to University of Central Missouri students.

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