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Exergonix is set to be an unparalleled enterprise in the development of renewable energy projects around the world, strategically expanding its business with a diversified portfolio of technologies and business accruements in the “Green” market. With a history of being involved in energy ventures, developing strategic partnerships and positioning its products in grid-level projects, the company focuses on growth in the renewable energy sector with a vision to blend solar, energy storage and zero-emission generation, while protecting the environment and reducing the carbon footprint on the planet.

Exergonix is actively growing its “green asset” base by increasing renewable projects in solar, energy storage, hydro-electric power, zero-emission generation, and eventually expanding into agro-based ventures as part of its core competence of the business.


Commercial Solutions

Our innovative solutions in renewable energy and energy storage reduce costs, stabilize the grid, and fully unlock the potential of clean energy sources. Exergonix enables a new era of energy distribution in which power truly lies in the hands of the people, serving both commercial and residental customers, from utility-scale to consumer devices. We reconceive the entire energy system anew.



Consumer Solutions

Our innovative Ver2Go solutions are integral to people’s day to day lives, allowing consumers to store, manage and distribute energy using a hands-on app that tracks how energy is consumed. Renewable energy can be stored for a rainy day, reducing overall energy costs a person incurs in their day to day activities. It does not matter if you are at home or on the road, energy can be captured and used when needed, stabilizing the grid and reducing energy costs.



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Exergonix offers turnkey integrated and financed solutions that significantly reduce the cost of storing and sharing solar, wind, and grid energy.

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